Why online pharmacy beats regular pharmacy

There’s a long list of benefits you get if using the services of an online pharmacy instead of a regular one, but these are just the most important.

The online pharmacy system is not time-consuming as the classic health system is. The whole procedure including consultation with a doctor, diagnostic procedures and finally purchasing prescribed medications and treatment often takes several days when conducted in the classic system. The online pharmacy gathers all of these aspects at one place, so you complete the whole process within few clicks sitting in front of your computer. Another benefit is saving a lot of money. All the medications online pharmacy provides cost less compared to the regular high street pharmacy. Also, consulting a doctor and getting treated as an anonymous client helps a lot of patients struggling with some illness they find to be embarrassing. Finally, regular doctors and pharmacists usually don’t have enough time for detailed explanations and directions to the patient. Online pharmacy provides detailed information about illnesses and medications in the written form, so you can take your time to explore the matter.


More than a decade ago, Thomas Thorkelson noticed two major problems in the health system in UK. First, people depended on their health insurance and often ended up stuck in various diagnostic procedures and endless wandering through the hospitals, sometimes even due to some mild illness. Second issue, most prescribed medication got more expensive. On the top of all of that, Thorkelson thought of fast rhythm of a modern life and all the time people waste struggling through the medical and pharmaceutical world. It generated the idea of setting an online pharmacy platform.

What once was the rough plan to provide safe, professional, convenient and cheap medical and pharmaceutical service to all the website visitors, has grown over the time into one of the largest licensed online pharmacies in UK that serves millions of customers per year. This online pharmacy platform includes experts’ consultation with the team of trusted doctors, the convenient procedure of gaining prescriptions and finally purchase of required drugs and express delivery.

This approach saves time and a lot of money to all online pharmacy clients while providing regulated, professional service and genuine treatments for various health issues. In the association with several influential medical and pharmacy institutions in UK, as well as with the other online pharmacies, we provide our services abroad to millions of clients.

I am an elder citizen with a few chronic diseases. I take my prescribed medications regularly for more than a decade. Seeing a doctor whenever I run out of my meds tends to be exhausting in my age. Also, my income is not so impressive, so every lower price or a discount comes handy to me. This online pharmacy covers all of these aspects for me. I am a regular client here, and they justify my expectations every time.

John Barry Elder Citizen


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