3 reasons why men suffer from erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where men find it hard to have an erection or to have a longer lasting erection. It can greatly hamper the sexual performance of the person and lead to a number of personal and relationship issues. But it is not considered to be erectile dysfunction if the person is able to satisfy himself or his partner sexually. There are two types of dysfunctionality that can affect the life of a man. These are psychosocial and medical in nature. Psychosocial causes can be the ones that affect the man’s social relationship due to the weakening of sexual performance. Medical causes are due to kind of erectile dysfunction that is caused by the side effects of some of the medicines are drugs used by the person. These can also affect the person psychosocially and hamper the well-being of the person. Here are the three reasons why erectile dysfunction occurs.

Improper blood flow, hormones or nervous supply

Erection is the process where the blood flows to the tissues of the penis, leading to an increase of pressure. The valves that are present in the chamber prevent the flow of blood out of the stream. This results in the hardness remaining throughout until the stimulation are stopped, or ejaculation happens.Erectile dysfunction occurs when there are issues with certain things such as the blood flow, hormones or the nervous supply that are supposed to work normally in case a proper erection needs to occur. These are the normal psychosocial causes for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Blood flow is usually affected by vascular problems, and the nerve signals are affected by neurological issues.


Atherosclerosis is said to be the major cause of erectile dysfunction. Diabetes and smoking are considered to be the reason for the cause of atherosclerosis in a man. Diabetes is also known to be a cause of neurological issues. So a proper lifestyle that includes specific food habits and physical activities, and quitting habits such as smoking can lead to kerbing erectile dysfunction.

Side effects from medicine or drugs

If someone is drug addicted, he may suffer from erectile dysfunction. It also occurs due to the side effects of certain medicines. You can consult the doctor to give you a substitue medicine which won’t have such side effects.

The doctor would go through the previous medical history and symptoms that have been occurring during the past few months before getting into the diagnosis process. Postage Stamp test is the test which is useful to diagnose erectile dysfunction that is caused due to medical effects. The process involves applying postage stamp across the penis at night and seeing whether it has snapped off over the course of sleep. Men have around five erections throughout the night, and if the stamp is not broken, the diagnosis shows issues regarding erectile dysfunction. Other methods of diagnosis include Snap-Gauge test and Poten test.

Once the diagnosis is done, the doctor will decide on the method of treatment. Some of the treatments are drug treatment, vacuum device treatment, surgical treatments that involve implants and vascular surgery, and dietary supplements.

It is important to get a doctor’s consultation if you find yourself to be not able to perform properly as there are many methods to cure the issue.

    Anthony B. Pearson

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