Major causes and symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Many men suffer from prostate cancer every year. This gland is found in the pelvis. It plays a very important reproductive function in men. Usually, men have this cancer at an elderly age. Normally the cancer is not aggressive; it grows slowly. In some rare cases, the cancer cells can grow aggressively.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

If your cancer is in the early stage then you won’t notice any symptom. Once you get to the advanced stage, you will see that you are urinating more often at night and you may see blood in the urine. You may experience pain in your hip, chest, and back. Some people don’t have any feelings on the leg. The difficult part about the diagnosis of prostate cancer is that the symptoms mentioned don’t necessarily prove that you have prostate cancer. These symptoms may be the result of other less complicated diseases as well.

Causes of prostate cancer

The doctors cannot find the exact causes of prostate cancer. In some cases, it may occur due to changes in the inherited gene.  Other factors are also involved. Here are some of the causes of prostate cancer.

DNA mutations

DNA mutations can be of two types: inherited and acquired. In case of inherited gene mutations, the change in DNA has been passed through generations. This is sometimes called hereditary cancer. Some of the mutated genes include BRCA1, BRCA2, RNASEL, etc. So, if you had a family history of prostate cancer then you are likely to have it too. Acquired gene mutations are not passed from one generation to the next.


Men who are more than 65 years old have a high chance of having this disease. It rarely affects those under the age of 40. So, once you reach the age of 65, you should get a checkup for prostate cancer.


African-American men are more likely to suffer from this disease. Latino and Asian-American men have the least percentage of prostate cancer. Most of the African-American men are also diagnosed with prostate cancer at an advanced stage. So, death due to prostate cancer among them is high.


If your meal contains fewer fruits and vegetables, and more red meat then you are at a risk of having prostate cancer. In a recent study, it is found that high-fat milk causes prostate cancer.

Geographic location

If you are an Asian living in America then you have a low chance of having prostate cancer. But if you live in Asia then you have a higher chance of having prostate cancer. In general, prostate cancer is common in North America, northwestern Europe, Australia or the Caribbean region.

It is better to diagnose early so that proper treatment can be taken. If the prostate cancer is detected at an advanced stage then the risk of death is high. You should eat healthy food, especially as you grow old, to reduce the chances of having prostate cancer.

Symptoms and causes of various eye conditions

Eyesight is essential for proper functioning. Eyes are directly exposed to the environment, thus vulnerable and at risk of catching an infection and getting hurt. Some conditions are specific, but eyes can also reflect symptoms of various systemic diseases. Some conditions are benign and treatable with home remedies, other require expert’s help, often even urgent treatment. These are some common symptoms of eye diseases and the most frequent causes hiding behind these symptoms.

Red eyes due to hyperaemia

Eyes appearing light red or livid are one of the most frequent symptoms in ophthalmology. The complete surface of each eye is densely covered with blood vessels, and the red color comes from increased blood flow in these vessels. It usually suggests inflammation or some irritation of the eye structures. Lack of sleep, alcohol, various allergies and infections are the most common reasons of the red eyes.

Dry eyes or keratoconjunctivitis

There are several glands and types of specific cells in charge of producing enough quality tears. All the conditions interfering with the production or flowing of tears can lead to dry eyes. Patients experiencing dry eyes usually complain about discomfort and the feeling of “alien body” in their eyes when blinking. Eyes usually itch or hurt, and the signs of irritation appear after a while. Common causes of dry eyes are autoimmune diseases, tumors of glands producing tears, certain infections, paralysis of the facial nerve and many more conditions.

Too many tears

Not as a figurative speech. There are conditions when eyes react by excessive producing of tears, usually as a compensatory attempt to fight some irritation or aggressive illness. Humid eyes occur in some benign situations, such as hypersensitivity to light or cold, as well as the manifestation of various allergies. On the other hand, wet eyes are sometimes caused by blockage of tears draining system. The total amount of tears is not increased, but the produced tears are prevented from flowing away.

Troubles with vision

One of the most common problems with eyes people face at some point in their lives is losing the ability to see close or distant objects or colors clearly. Cataract or the blurring of the lens is the most common cause. Glaucoma or increased pressure inside of the eyes can lead to blindness too, as well as various retinal issues.

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