How to order medications

After completing consultations with our team of online doctors or gaining prescription from your regular doctor, there are three ways to purchase your required medications via our online pharmacy. The easiest and the most common way is to order online. Use the search box to find the medication you need. Choose the required dosage and the quantity. Follow the further instructions and provide all required data. Another way is to call us directly using phone numbers listed below. Finally, you can send us copy of your prescription using our e-mail address, and our customer service will verify your order. Regardless of the method of ordering, medications will be delivered to your address within few days.

Have questions or dilemmas? Feel free to ask.

Our data base with frequently asked questions sorted according to the major topics is regularly updated, so if you have any questions or dilemmas, read this data base first, you’ll probably find all the answers. If your question stays unanswered, use any of our phone numbers or e-mail addresses to contact our responsive customer service.

What medications are available in your online pharmacy?

We don’t provide all available drugs, but the assortment we offer is huge. All the drugs we provide are grouped according to their purpose, and you can search them at our website.

How to order drugs?

The easiest way is to order online by selecting required medication and purchasing desired quantity. Other channels include calling us directly or sending a copy of your prescription to our e-mail address.


How to pay for the ordered drugs?

Depending on the genuine manufacturer of a given drug, there are several payment options. Personal checks are convenient if you back them up by cash in your account. Direct debit from a bank account is another option and credit cards are the most frequently used way.

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